New simple recipes from Tanya.

Tanya's homemade baking recipes.

My simple recipes for homemade pastries and favorite dishes. With the help of my book, your pastries will become better and your dishes more refined. Wonderful aromas of fresh buns, tubes or grandmother's pies will appear in your home. A little patience and you will get wonderful culinary masterpieces. This is a cake that your family will surely appreciate, and the children will ask for more.
I checked all the recipes, even simplified some. Try my pastries. I'm sure you will succeed. In many of my recipes, I will share with you my little secrets in cooking. Cook tasty and healthy food with me.

Tubes with cream from Tanya.

Baking recipes from Tanya.

There are many recipes for tubes with cream. My recipe is very simple. I have checked it many times. The tubes always turn out delicious. If you don't have time to make strawberry cream, don't worry. In my tubes, you can do without cream. The kids love it even more. This pastry, which can be cooked very often. With one recipe you get a whole mountain of delicious tubes.

Cupcakes, Muffins.

Cupcake recipe - Muffins.

Cupcakes are our childhood favorites. But not all cupcake recipes are delicious. Sometimes it's a waste of time. Therefore, I offer you the best cupcake recipe from my recipe book. I use it a lot in the kitchen. The kids love these cupcakes. The recipe is very simple and the ingredients are readily available.

Pancakes with orange sauce from Tanya.


Probably the most favorite dish for children is pancakes. Every housewife has her own secrets of making pancakes. I love the recipe for pancakes with orange sauce. This recipe has an amazing combination of flavors. The kids love it. Interestingly, you can easily cook pancakes, both soft and slightly crispy. As a rule, my pancakes disappear from the plate very quickly.

Vareniki with cabbage from Svetlana.

Vareniki with cabbage

The simplest dish is dumplings and vareniki. There are a lot of recipes for making dumplings and vareniki. There are vareniki with potatoes, cabbage, cheese and even cherries. I want to share a wonderful recipe for vareniki with cabbage. This recipe was suggested to me by my friend Svetlana. Indeed, the vareniki turned out very natural and tasty.

Recipe for making eclairs at home.

eclairs recipe

How to make eclairs yourself and not buy them in the supermarket. Try to cook eclairs according to my recipe, it is not complicated at all. You will spend very little time preparing eclairs. Not very sweet, but very tasty eclairs from Tanya.The only thing is that preparing dough for eclairs will require some effort and skill from you.

Anna's Zebra cake recipe.

easy cake recipe

I want to share with you a recipe for a simple cake called "Zebra". This recipe was suggested to me by my friend. I liked it very much. After spending very little time, you will get the perfect sweetness for tea. I am sure you will love this simple cake, especially if you love pastries with cocoa.


Cooking macaroons at home

Fried salmon

fried salmon

Meringue roll

Meringue roll



Stuffed zucchini

Stuffed zucchini


Sabo with chicken and vegetables.