Recipe for homemade eclairs from Tanya.

Recipe homemade eclairs

Today in any large supermarket you can buy eclairs. And I must say that they will be tasty and sweet. Sometimes eclairs are very sweet, which ruins them. I have my own recipe for making homemade eclairs. Usually all eclairs are tasty and not cloying. Try to cook my eclairs, I think you will like them too.

eclairs recipe

What dough for eclairs is ideal. I will tell. You will love this recipe and will make it often. I like milk-based with half water the most.


Milk - 125 g.

Water - 125 g.

Salt - 5 g.

Sugar - 10 g.

Butter 82% - 100 g.

Flour - 155 g.

Eggs - 250 g.

Cooking eclairs according to my recipe:
Butter, milk, water, sugar, salt, mix in a saucepan, bring to a boil. After that, pour in the flour, mix quickly, continue to brew, stir. Remove from heat, add gradual eggs, knead the dough. Let the dough cool down. We put the dough in a bag or in a bag, make an incision, add a nozzle or without it, squeeze it onto parchment in a eclairs.

homemade eclairs

Fry until golden brown at 180 degrees, leave to cool in the oven so that the shape of the eclairs remains.


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