Fried salmon with spinach from Svetlana.

Fried salmon with spinach

Fried salmon is a delicious and healthy dish. If you don't know how to cook fried salmon, try our proven recipe from Svetlana. Very interesting taste of spinach with salmon. I tried it and I really liked it.


Salmon fillet - 500 g.
Spinach - 200 g.
Cream - 100-200 gr.
Salt - to taste
Ground black pepper - to taste
Lyon - the taste
Sunflower oil for frying.

How we cook fried salmon:

Step one. First you need to chop the spinach with a blender.

Step two. Now prepare the salmon for frying. The salmon fillet must be skinned and cut into medium pieces. Then rinse each piece, salt and pepper.

how to cook salmon

Step 3. Heat up the pan, add sunflower oil. Put the salmon, fry with cream and spinach and simmer over low heat under the lid. The fish is very soft and juicy.


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