Tubes with cream.

Tubes with cream.


Butter - 250 g.

Eggs - 5-6 pcs.

Sugar - 200 g.

Flour - 200 g.


Butter cut into pieces, melt. Beat eggs with sugar and add to butter. Add flour. Mix the dough well. Now turn on the waffle iron.

We spread one tablespoon of dough in the center and close. The waffle is baked for 1-2 minutes, depending on the waffle iron. A hot waffle immediately needs to be twisted into a tube. Fill the tubes with cream, and the tubes can also be eaten without cream. Children are very fond of tubules without cream. Our tubes eat everything.

Tube cream:

  • Butter - 200 g.
  • Boiled condensed milk - 1 can. Or nutella.

Cream recipe:Combine softened butter with condensed milk. Beat at medium speed with a mixer, beat for 1 minute. After that, we put the filling in a pastry bag and start the tubes. I recommend replacing the condensed milk and using nutella.


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